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We have a template system to make it easy to display creature stat blocks. Instead of worrying about formatting you can copy and paste the StatBlock template entry below into your page and modify the values for your creature.

Note: There are up to 3 melee and 3 ranged attacks supported, using the names melee1, melee2, melee3, ranged1, ranged2 and ranged3. Similarly their associated hit entries are melee_hit1, melee_hit2, melee_hit3, ranged_hit1, ranged_hit2 and ranged_hit3 etc.

There are up to 5 trait entries. trait_name1 through trait_name5, and their associated trait_effect1 through trait_effect5. If you enter no traits then the trait section will not appear in the StatBlock.

If a creature does not have any skills, immunities, resistances etc then you should delete the relevant line from the StatBlock template entry below and it will not appear on the final drawn creature stat block.

 | name = Advanced Hanged Man
 | XP =  700
 | CR = 3
 | align = CE
 | size = Medium
 | type = undead
 | init = +2
 | AC = 13
 | HP = 91 (14d8 + 28)
 | saves = +2 Will
 | resistance = Piercing damage from nonmagical weapons; necrotic damage
 | immunity = Charm, fright, poison, unconciousness
 | speed = 30 ft.
 | multiattack = A hanged man attacks once with claws and once with its rope.
 | melee1 = Claws: +5 to hit (reach 5ft.; one creature).
 | melee_hit1 = 3d8 + 3 slashing damage.
 | ranged1 = Rope: +4 to hit (range 20 ft.; one creature).
 | ranged_hit1 = 3d6 + 2 necrotic damage and the target is entangled (see below).
 | Str = 17
 | Dex = 15
 | Con = 16
 | Int = 9
 | Wis = 11
 | Cha = 13
 | languages = Understands Common but can’t speak
 | senses = Darkvision 60 ft.
 | skills = Perception +2
 | trait_name1 = Entangle
 | trait_effect1 = The hanged man’s noose is a 20-foot length of rope that moves on its own like an animated object to entangle opponents of any size. An entangled creature is grappled and restrained. If it is not already adjacent to the hanged man, the rope initiates a Str contest against the entangled creature on each of the hanged man’s turns. If the rope wins the contest, it pulls the entangled creature 10 feet closer to the hanged man. If the entangled creature wins the Str contest, it stays at its current range from the hanged man. Only one creature can be entangled at a time. A creature may perform a Str or Dex check as an action on their turn to attempt to escape. The DC is 13 and success results in the removal of the grappled and restrained conditions. The rope can be attacked directly (AC 14); it is destroyed by 55 points of slashing or fire damage but is immune to all other damage. If the rope is severed, both it and the hanged man are destroyed. The rope becomes nothing more than 20 feet of rotted rope if removed from the hanged man.
 | license = [[Open_Gaming_License]] modified from Frog God Game's Fifth Edition Foes.

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If you want to include another page - such as a creature's Stat Block page - in a page you can use use the syntax below.

{{:War Dog}}